Ohio couple found guilty of enslaving mentally disabled woman

By Kyle Johnson,

An Ohio couple who forced a mentally disabled woman into slave labor for two years have been found guilty on Friday.

The couple, Jordie Callahan and Jessica Hunt, were found guilty of keeping the woman, who also had a child, locked up in a darkened basement, reports The Associated Press. The basement lacked a bathroom. During the two years, the woman had to cook, clean and complete other chores while being threatened by the couple.

The woman was also forced to perform sexual acts with 27-year-old Callahan and 32-year-old Hunt. The couple used intimidation, threats, pit bulls and a python to get her to do as they wanted.

According to WKYC, the pair have been charged with forced labor and kidnapping, conspiracy to violate laws and getting a controlled substance through lies.

Northern District of Ohio U.S. Attorney Steven M. Dettelbach said, "These defendants inflicted unspeakable cruelty upon this mother and her child." He added, "This case provides another stark reminder that human trafficking takes place all around us."

One of the couple's defense attorneys claimed that the case was sensationalized and another claimed that the prosecutors used unreliable witnesses.

Two others, Dezerah L McGuire and Daniel J. Brown pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the same situation.



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