Ohio dog saves his family from a fire

By Elaine Alluin ,

Ohio family dog Malaki was deemed a hero after he saved his family from danger.

People reports that the boxer-Labrador mix dog was trying to alert his family about the fire that ignited in the living room. The Albney family was in a deep sleep when the fire broke out. Malaki was the reason why they survived.

AOL added that the three-year-old dog was behaving out of the ordinary and that is what grabbed his owner's attention.

Owner John Abney said, “Normally he'll sleep through the night quiet and sound, and last night there was something definitely wrong, and he made sure we knew that.”

The heroic dog was barking and crying to alert Abney to the fire. Once Abney opened the door he realized the urgency of the issue.

“I looked around the corner and my living room was just a giant circle of fire,” said Abney.

Abney and his wife were able to flee the house safely. Abney had gone back inside the house to retrieve his two puppies. The fearless Malaki tried to run back inside the house as well, but Abney stopped him. Unfortunately, the puppies did not make it out of the house.

Abney is very grateful to Malaki for keeping the family safe.

“He's been about the best dog I could have ever asked for,” said Abney. “He's been really loyal, he's always watched out for me and my wife, especially last night. He's my guardian angel.”



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