Ohio woman finds eight pounds of marijuana stashed in her spare tire

By Morgan Cox,

An Ohio woman has been unknowingly driving around with eight pounds of marijuana stashed in her spare tire since picking her vehicle up from a car dealership where she had taken it to replace a flat tire.

According to Reuters, the mechanics at the dealership located in Amherst, Ohio, actually made the discovery when they were installing the spare tire. Apparently they heard a "loud thumping" when the woman drove off in the car.

Chief Deputy Dennis Cavanaugh of the Lorain County Sheriff Department in Ohio said they found $12,000 worth of marijuana wrapped in plastic inside the spare tire.

MSN News noted that the woman was not charged with any crime and authorities are investigating the incident.

Chief Deputy Cavanaugh explained that this is not the first time marijuana has been found in unusual places such as tires.

"I'm sure it is not the only vehicle out there with this," Cavanaugh said.

Authorities are trying to trace the marijuana back to the parts suppliers or vehicle transport firms from which the car was purchased in August.



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