Oil slicks suggest that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed

By Rebecca Walezak,

The Vietnamese Air Force has located two large slicks of oil that suggests the Malaysian aircraft that went missing Saturday has sunk in the ocean.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 lost contact with officials after taking flight. There were 239 people on board. According to the Associated Press, the plane was on route to Beijing.

Malaysia Airlines reports that there were no signals of distress sent from the craft when it went missing. In fact, Flight 370 had been at cruising altitude during the time it went missing, a mid-point in flight that is not considered very dangerous.

CNN reports that the oil slicks were found in the Gulf of Thailand, the same area where the plane had lost contact. The slicks trailed along the top of the ocean for a reported six to nine miles.

Reports of the possible sunken plane have not yet been confirmed by Malaysian officials, but they have stated that they are not ruling anything out at this time.



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