Olympian Gus Kenworthy reunites with his Sochi puppies

By Amy Michura,

About a month later, Gus Kenworthy was finally able to receive the puppies he adopted from during the Sochi Olympics.

Kenworthy and his friend Robin Macdonald were on the Today show Friday, March 14, where they brought along the three puppies.

With help from Humane Society International and Macdonald, Kenworthy was finally able to bring home his three puppies, Jake, Mama and Mischka. Macdonald had stayed in Russia for almost a month to bring home the dogs.

“It’s just incredible,” Kenworthy said on the Today show. “It feels so nice to have them home. These dogs have traveled thousands of miles, and it’s been many, many weeks of this whole process kind of coming to an end.”

Kenworthy described how since he showed that he was adopting the puppies on social media, people have been approaching him after the Olympics to share that they have now either donated to the Humane Society of have adopted a dog from the organization.

Sadly, according to E! News two puppies passed away before Kenworthy and Macdonald could bring them back to the United States.

“Government roadblocks” had kept the dogs from receiving the treatment they needed.

“A politician claimed that the dogs were theirs and they didn’t want to release them to us for whatever reason,” Macdonald said. “They were kind of kept away from me for the duration that I was there. We were fighting with the Humane Society International to get them proper treatment and to get them to care, and it took too long and two of the dogs unfortunately did pass away.”

Image Courtesy: NBC



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