'Once Upon A Time' episode recap - "Witch Hunt"

By Sari N. Kent,

We open in the fairy tale land. The Wicked Witch of the West is in the Evil Queen's castle going through her belongings. She then tells the flying monkey to "find the Evil Queen and let her know I'm here and don't be gentle." The flying monkey then flies off.

Meanwhile, Snow, Charming, Regina, Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood and his Merry Men walk the perimeter of the castle. Red comments to Snow that it feels like old times except "we're with Regina not against her." Snow tells her that she believes that Regina has changed. Red isn't so sure since she tried to hurt them so many times. Snow then goes over Regina to ask her if she's ready to make camp. Snow knows Regina is thinking about Henry, which she replies that she always is. She also mentions that there are tunnels that run under the castle, which "may run underneath the spell." She tells Snow and Charming that they can get her (Regina) in undetected so she can lower the shield and then Snow and Charming can "send in your army." Suddenly, the flying monkey appears overhead. Snow shoots an arrow at it as it tries to grab Robin's young son, but Robin grabs him in time. Regina then puts a spell on it that makes a cloud of purple smoke and then the flying monkey falls to the ground as a stuffed animal, which she gives to Robin's young son as a "new toy." Robin, in turn, thanks Regina.

Now, it's a year later in Storybrooke. Emma tells Mary-Margaret, David and Hook that Henry is asleep so now they can strategize. Mary-Margaret explains that they watched her and Henry drive over the town line, then Regina cast her spell to take them all back to the Enchanted Forest "and then everything went black." David adds that then they woke up in their beds like it was any other morning in Storybrooke. He then says they don't even know if during their missing year they ever left Storybrooke. Hook then says that they did because he was with them. He explains that Regina's spell brought them back to the Enchanted Forest for a brief time where they saw Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora, but he went off on his own while they made their way to Regina's castle. Emma is suspicious of Regina, but Mary-Margaret maintains that she's "as clueless as the rest of us. I don't think she's involved in this." David then asks Hook that if he left the Enchanted Forest before the curse, how did he know to find Emma and bring her back to Storybrooke? Hook explained that once he got back to the Jolly Roger, "a bird landed on my ship's wheel, instructing me to retrieve Emma and bring her back here. There was also a small vial of the memory potion tied to its leg." Mary-Margaret asks Hook who sent it and he assumed they had. Then, Leroy (Grumpy) and another dwarf arrive telling everyone that another person has disappeared and Bashful hasn't been seen as well. Leroy is happy that Emma is back as she asks what is going on. Mary-Margaret then explains that besides their memories disappearing, residents of Storybrooke have been as well. Emma asks who else is missing, but David replies That besides the dwarves they can't be sure because of all of the confusion. Emma then asks if Neal is there and Mary-Margaret says they haven't seen him. Hook tells Emma that Neal will turn up. David then says that residents have set up camp in the woods and that Neal might be there. Mary-Margaret adds that "he might not have gotten swept into the curse at all." Emma then says that, "there is only one way we're going to figure all of this out. We need to get your memories back...by figuring out who took them in the first place."

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