One of the American passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has been identified

By Rebecca Walezak,

One of the three Americans who were aboard the now missing Malaysia Airlines flight has been identified.

Philip Wood, a 50-year-old American IBM technical storage executive and father, raised his family in Texas before he made the decision to move to East Asia. A passenger manifest from Malaysia Airlines lists Wood as a passenger on the flight to Beijing. According to Yahoo! News, Wood’s ex-wife confirmed that he may have been on the flight.

The flight lost contact with controllers earlier Saturday morning. There have been reported oil slicks at the location where contact was lost, suggesting that the flight crashed into the ocean. At this time, Malaysian officials have not confirmed the oil slicks found by Vietnam. There were a reported 239 people on board.

According to the Daily Mail, Woods is the only reported adult American that was aboard the craft.

There were a reported two passengers aboard the flight that were using stolen passports, which has prompted questions about a possible terrorist attack.



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