One journalist and freelance photographer were released from 6 month captivity in Syria

By Alicia Mayle,

Javier Espinosa, a Middle East bureau chief of El Mundo newspaper, and freelance photographer Ricardo Garcia Vilanova were released after being kidnapped by an al-Qaeda linked group six months ago when they went to cover the war in Syria.

According to the Chronicle, Espinosa and Vilanova were on a long list of journalists who were kidnapped during the conflict in Syria. Since 2011, over 30 journalists have been killed and nine other reporters are still missing, with 10 other Syrian reports gone as well.

The two men were captured after trying to cross the border out of Syria after they stayed for two weeks to cover what was happening between President Bashar Assad and the rebel groups.

After their release, the two flew to Madrid where their relieved family members and friends were waiting, according to Voice of America.

After being asked several times, Espinosa and Vilanova expressed that they could not talk about how they won their freedom, and that it was “out of their hands.”



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