‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘The Enchanting Mr. Knight’

By Andrew Wilson,

As Carl and Sarah wake together in bed, Carl tells Sarah that he has to go to Africa for work. He asks her to go with him, and after some coersing, she says yes.

Zeek and Camilla’s realtor, Karen, tours them through their house and advises what needs to be done to the house, and the outside, in order for the place to sell quickly. Crosby talks to Jasmine and feels like his Dad is being railroaded by Karen. Jasmine tells him to stay out of it.

Julia and Ed talk about their school gardening project, and it looks like a disaster with weeds all over. Ed tries to talk about hearing Joel has moved out but Julia quickly stops him and says she’s not discussing her personal life, and that she can’t be friends with him. She states she spent $200 on vegetable plants to make their project look nice.

Amber goes to Drew’s dorm to try and cheer him up. She asks his roommate if there is a dance or something going on that they can go to and get out of their post break-up blues. He says there’s a fraternity party, and Amber makes the plan that they need to go.

As Kristina and Adam wait in the doctor’s office, they get a call from the school. Kristina talks and states she’s fed up with the way Max is being treated, including his English teacher taking away his chair. Before she can talk more, she gets called in for her appointment.

After being examined, Kristina’s doctor states they’ll have the test results and hopefully she can say she is one-year cancer free.

Julia and Ed take a class into the newly-done garden, but many of the kids aren’t buying that the vegetables they planted look this nice. Sydney, whose in the class, goes to Julia and states she wants to stay with her that night, not over at her Dad’s like it is scheduled. She makes a little bit of scene in front of all the kids, and is upset. Julia finally gives in and says she can stay with her.

As Hank and Sarah are finalizing the photography project, Sarah advises that she’ll be gone the following week for a “personal matter”. Hank is concerned and asks, but Sarah just states that if it’s personal, she doesn’t need to tell him.

Crosby confronts his Mom about selling the house, and feels as though his Dad is getting taken advantage of. He then accuses her of being selfish. Camille states that for 30 years, she took care of him and his siblings, and for several years after that, still put her needs second, or even fifth, behind everyone else. She then walks out of the room.

Kristina and Adam go to Max’s English teacher, Mr. Knight, and Kristina is fuming about the teacher taking away Max’s chair. Mr. Knight opens the door to this classroom and actually is very understanding to Max’s needs, stating how greatly he’s improved in class since taking his chair away, knowing he would be more focused standing and able to move around. Kristina and Adam are so thankful, and mention their idea about opening a charter school. Mr. Knight states it would be a lot harder work than they think.

Julia talks to Joel at school about taking Sydney home, even though she’s scheduled to stay with Joel. Joel states that their therapist said the most important thing right now is to stick to the schedule. Joel, mad and upset, states he will deal with Sydney and that Julia can drop off the pajamas later.

Max is talking with Hank, and asks to work on the Surf Sport project since his Aunt Sarah is going to Africa with her boyfriend next week. Now realizing what is going on, Hank states he’s closing up the shop early for “personal business”.
Drew talks to Natalie in the dorm hallway and asks if she wants to go to the frat party with him. She gets mad, stating that he’s basically been gone for three weeks and is now acting like nothing happened. Drew then states he wanted a relationship with her and she only wanted to be friends, which was his intention of asking her to go with him. She then leaves.

Hank goes to see the Asperger’s doctor about his situation with Sarah. He states that he needs to let her know how he feels, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Ed goes to see Julia to apologize and offer any help, saying he’s been there. She tells him off, blaming him for her marriage breaking apart. He then states that he’ll own whatever his part is but that she needs to look deeper about what is really going on between her and Joel to find out what really broke them apart.

Drew and Amber go the party, and Amber makes Drew make a pact to make-out with somebody that night.

Adam is worried about the test results, and is growing impatient. Kristina talks to him about what Mr. Knight said about how difficult it would be to start a school. Adam tries to tell her it is a great idea, and they should go for it, but Kristina seems apprehensive about the whole idea now.

Hank goes to Sarah’s and makes her feel bad about leaving for Africa instead of finishing the project. She tries to start to talk but he blows her off and leaves.

Listening at a heating vent, Crosby is listening to his parents fight, mainly how Camille thinks Zeek got Crosby to say something to her. Jasmine finds Crosby and they realize they need to leave.

Amber strikes out trying to find someone to hook up. Berto, Drew’s roommate tries to make a move on her and she’s disgusted and walks away. Natalie finds Berto and asks if he’s seen Drew. Berto explains Drew’s plans to hook up with someone, and Drew walks up. Natalie, not happy hearing that, calls Drew out on it and leaves the party.

Sarah goes to Carl’s apartment on the day they are supposed to leave, and tells him that she made a promise to herself to focus on her, and her needs, and to not get distracted from that. She breaks up with Carl.

During the garden program, Julia is teaching the kids about the vegetables and Sydney starts to back-talk. Ed nicely sweeps in and diffuses the situation.

Adam is making dinner and Kristina gets the call from the doctor. She gets an “all clear”, all the tests come back free and clear of any cancer. They both hug and cry together.

Adam and Kristina go to Mr. Knight’s house, stating passionately how much they want to create the charter school, and they ask him to join them in running it. Mr. Knight loves the idea and invites them in for coffee.

Sarah goes to Hank’s studio and tells him that she didn’t go to Africa. They start to work more on the project.

Julia goes to Ed’s apartment and thanks him for helping out with Sydney during class. She also apologizes for blaming him, and understands it is her responsibility. She hands him a chicken dinner, knowing that a good meal can be a pick-me-up. He invites her to stay, but she says no. He invites her again, stating there’s plenty of food. She decides to stay, saying that it’s only dinner.

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