‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘Fraud Alert’

By Andrew Wilson,

Coming out of a coffee shop, Amber runs into Mark on the sidewalk. Amber catches him up on her Mom and how she’s doing well as a photographer, even landing Surf Sport as a client. Mark tells her to say hi to her Mom.

As Kristina and Adam are about to go to “Funkytown," Max storms in, announcing that he’s no longer going to school again. They tell him he has to go to school, and Max says he’s never going back to Cedar Knoll ever again, and leaves the room.

Having fun of their own, Crosby and Jasmine are interrupted by Zeek coming in and stating that he’s found the part he’s been looking for to finish the car. He then tells Crosby that he needs to drive with him up to Oregon to get the part. After he finally leaves Jasmine tells Crosby he should go with his Dad.

Peet and Joel are out to dinner, celebrating the first sale of their housing development. Joel insists on paying for the dinner, although a little shell shocked after seeing the amount, but nevertheless, puts down his credit card.

Julia is woken up by a call from the credit card company about a possible fraudulent charge to the card. The charge is for $468, and was made after 12am. Julia states that she didn’t make any sort of charge like that and that she has been in bed. The person on the phone states it is from a restaurant, and then asks if there is any other person authorized to use the account. Julia realizes it must have been Joel.

Camille tells Zeek that it is not a good idea to leave right now, especially with the big decision on the house. Zeek assures her that there will be time to talk when he gets back. Crosby comes out of the house, and he and Zeek set off to Oregon.

Amber and Drew talk about Amber’s run in with Mark, Mr. Seer, their former teacher over breakfast. Amber receives a call from Joel asking if she can babysit Victor and Sydney, but says she has to work late. She then volunteers Drew to watch them, but he is hesitant about it.

As Hank and Sarah celebrate their success with Surf Sport, and landing another client too, Amber knocks on the door. As Sarah opens the door Amber tells her that she saw Mark. Quickly silencing her, Sarah states that Hank is there, and they are celebrating. Pushing her out the door, Sarah tells her to text her later.

Kristina and Adam meet with the Principal, Mr. Knight, and the Dean about a boy peeing in Max’s canteen during the school trip. The Principal states he needs proof, and Adam blows up stating that none of this is helping. Mr. Knight tries to defend the Braverman’s, and the Dean suggests that they keep Max at home, since there is only a month of school left anyway. Kristina then speaks up and tells them that this is ridiculous and storms out.

As Sarah gets a stern talking to from one of the tenants in the building, as she’s fixing a light, Mark calls her on the phone. Stumbling over his words, Mark finally tells Sarah he needs to talk to her, but not over the phone. She agrees to meet with him.

On the road to Oregon, Zeek sings along to an opera CD as they head down the road. Not able to take it anymore, Crosby turns it off he asks what Zeek is going to do about selling the house. As he’s about to answer, Zeek gets sidetracked by an ATV place and he and Crosby go.

Julia and Sarah go to the restaurant where the charge on the credit card was made. Julia talks to Sarah about the incident, and Sarah asks what she wants. Julia states she wants her marriage back, or at least to know whether it is possible to get back. Sarah advises that she needs to ask Joel if he was on a date or not at the restaurant.

Amber talks to Max, who is doing his school work at The Luncheonette. She tries to tell him that she had some rough times at school too, but tells her it wasn’t as hard as this. Adam, who was listening in on the conversation, tells Max that they are going on an adventure.

Adam takes Max out to the ocean, where he plans on teaching him how to surf.

With the “Barber of Seville” playing in the background, race around a dirt track in dune buggies.

Drew comes to babysit Sydney and Victor at Joel’s place. Victor is playing a video game and Sydney, beside him, is reading. After Joel leaves, Drew is met with resistance and attitude on suggestions to do something.

Adam and Max walk in the house and Kristina is confused as to why Max is wearing a wet suit. Max states that they went out surfing, and he was able to actually stand up on the board. Kristina talks to Adam, and Adam insists that his school work was done. Adam states he really needed to see a smile on his son’s face.

As Drew is on his phone in another room, Sydney and Victor start fighting about the video game. Drew breaks them apart, and tells them they are all going out. Sydney picks up her book and Victor sits not looking at Drew.

Afterword, Drew talks to Amber about how depressing it was to watch the kids, and even the apartment building not being very happy. Amber reminds him how depressed they were when their Dad left.

Julia meets Joel outside his apartment and talks to him about the fraudulent call she got from the credit card company. He states that he was sorry and that it was for a business dinner. The conversation turns from bad to worse as Julia asks about his relationship with Peet, and about where their marriage is going. Joel states that nothing is going on with Peet, and answering because he feels forced to, says that no, at this moment, is not working on getting their marriage back together.

Zeek and Crosby finally get to the place where the part is, but the owner is a little off. He states that someone else is coming for the part, for almost twice as much. He and Zeek argue about the price and the owner quickly tells them to get off his property.

Still trying to figure out his feelings, during Hank’s session with the Asperger’s doctor, the doctor tells him he needs to think about life beyond just Sarah.

Zeek and Crosby talk during breakfast, and Zeek finally admits selling the house makes him feel as though he’s cashing in his chips, that he’s old. Crosby asks if he’s told Camille that but he states that he can’t go back on his word agreeing to sell the house.

Crosby and Zeek go back to the parts place, and Crosby tells the owner he needs to sell the part for the price his Dad was promised, and would make it worth his while. In the next scene, you see Crosby following his Dad in the truck riding a motorcycle he saw at the place.

Sarah has dinner with Mark, and they talk about how things are going in their lives, professionally. Mark tells Sarah he is now a published writer, and hands her a copy of the book. He then tells her that he’s met someone and that they are engaged. From the look on Sarah’s face, she is disappointed.

As Sarah and Hank work at the studio on their next project, Hank asks about how her dinner went. Sarah tells him that he got engaged.

Drew is babysitting again, and Amber comes over. She tells the kids that they need to get up because they are going out. She brings them to a roller rink, but Sydney and Victor are refusing to do it. Amber tells them she knows what they are going through, but at least they have each other, and they are not alone in it. She convinces them to try it.

Adam tells Kristina that Max has finished all his school work, he and Max are going surfing again. Max asks Kristina to go with them.

Sydney, Victor, Amber and Drew all have fun together at the roller rink.

Crosby and Zeek make it home. Zeek tells Camille they should accept the offer. Julia meets Ed at a bar for drinks.



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