‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘Limbo’

By Andrew Wilson,

Jasmine’s Mom, Renee, insists that Aida get baptized on the Sunday coming up. Because Jasmine and Crosby are still at his parent’s house, they try to get out of it, but Renee doesn’t take no for an answer. Crosby and Jasmine also explain Joel and Julia’s situation, the would-be Godparents, and Renee suggests they find a different Godfather. She also insists on having a brunch celebration at her house, as to not inconvenience Camille with the selling of the house.

Hank and Sarah are working on the project, printing out one of the displays for the upcoming presentation. Max is also there, and he and Hank talk about the color being wrong on the print-out, and begin to work on the project themselves, leaving Sarah out.

Drew is reading a book in his dorm. Frustrated and lonely, he begins to look at photos of Natalie on his phone, and decides to go to her room. He knocks on the door and is about to walk away when the door opens, and his roommate Berto is shirtless opening the door, and is shocked to see Natalie in her bed under the covers.

The following day, Sarah and Hank are working on the project at Hank’s studio but Max comes in and wants to print out something. Sarah states that she and Hank are working on the project but Max insists on printing something, all but pushing his aunt out of her chair. She insists that Max needs to go home, and offers to drive him. Upset and angry, he begins to run home, with his aunt chasing after him. When they get to his house, he runs upstairs calling Sarah a “fascist”, and Kristina runs after him. Sarah trying to explain, is ignored and leaves.

Jasmine talks to Camille about her Mom throwing the brunch for Aida’s baptism. Camille states she’d be more than happy to do it but Jasmine states she doesn’t want to get in the way, and tells her only worry about being a guest, not the host.

Drew talks to Berto about being upset with him hooking up with Natalie. Berto states he values Drew more and tells him he will not go after her.

Crosby goes to Joel’s apartment about not being the Godfather, and he will probably ask Adam to stand in his place. Joel says he understands but looks dismayed about the whole situation.

As the grandkids help work on the car with Zeek, Crosby tells Julia about not having Joel as the Godfather. Upset, she asks if he asked about her at all. Crosby tries to tell her he was there only briefly but she gets even more upset.

Kristina is getting dinner ready when Adam gets home and talks to him about Max being upset with Sarah. She explains that she was rude about sending Max home. Adam tells her to let it blow over for a few days, expecting Sarah to come and apologize later, but Kristina doesn’t seem like she wants to wait.

Camille talks to Crosby, and he apologizes for calling her “selfish”. She tries to insist having the brunch for the baptism there but Crosby explains Renee won’t have it any other way but at her house. Camille then insists on having the family over for dinner the night before.

Natalie goes and confronts Drew about how he “fell off the face of the Earth” while Amy was at the dorm. As he walks out, Drew states it is more that she slept with Berto.

Julia calls Joel and tells him that she feels he isn’t fighting to be part of the family and that he isn’t fighting “for us” either. Joel, at an impasse, and understanding what Julia is saying, isn’t really sure what to do.

At the studio, Hank gets off the phone, and tells Sarah it was Kristina. Sarah is upset and realizes she called to see if she was there, and was dependent on whether Max was going there or not. Hank states that she was kind of harsh to Max. Sarah explains that she now has a place to work and thinks her family needs to respect that.

Crosby goes to Adam to ask him to be Aida’s Godfather. Adam is honored and happy to do it but thinks he is the first choice, and celebrates that. Crosby doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.

Drew is frustratingly eating ice cream at Amber’s, complaining about Berto, while at the same time Amber is complaining about how to deal with Ryan. Amber states some alcohol and some pot will help them deal with their troubles.

Before the baptism dinner, Sydney and Victor argue if their Dad is going to be there. Sydney asks Julia and she tells her no. Julia tells the kids that when she and Joel decided to take a break, that meant from each others families as well. Sydney asks when Joel is coming home, but Julia doesn’t know.

Drunk and high, Drew and Amber talk about the meaning of “being”. Both keep getting calls from their Mom, and at first ignore them, but then worry that something might be wrong. Amber picks up the phone worrying it is bad news, but their Mom is asking where they are. They forgot about the dinner for the baptism.

At Camille and Zeek’s, everyone is already there for the dinner. Camille is worried about what Zeek might say to the pastor.

Max sees Sarah and walks the other way, and Kristina soon follows suit. Adam goes to talk to her about the incident at the studio. Sarah explains Max wasn’t happy when she told him no, and then jokes with Adam stating that he must not hear the word no a lot at home. Julia walks up and thanks Adam for being a fill-in Godfather. Sarah realizes he didn’t know he was a fill-in, but obviously now he does. He then starts to fight with Sarah about her questioning his parenting Max.

Drew and Amber arrive, via a cab, and try to at least look sober, dropping eye drops in each other’s eyes, before they head in.

At dinner, Renee begins to give a toast, thanking Zeek and Camille, and telling them that they’re going to miss having events at their house. Sarah pipes in and states she didn’t know about the house selling. Camille tries to diffuse the situation by stating they are still talking about it. Things start to get heated as Adam chips at Crosby about being a fill-in, and then directs a comment about his parenting at Sarah. Kristina comes in stating that she doesn’t even know that her kids are high, as Drew and Amber are acting goofy. Very upset, Julia gets up and says she’s sorry she couldn’t keep her husband, and leaves. Zeek gets up and leaves as well.

Zeek goes to Joel’s apartment, and tells him that when he handed off his daughter to him for marriage and that he believed in Joel and that he would take care of her. Zeek asks him to come to the baptism.

The next day, Sarah and Hank are still working on the project. She begins to leave for the baptism and Hank tells her that he understands how Max might feel, stating he found his “thing” in life, just the way she found hers.

Amber and Drew are getting ready and Drew realizes his shirt smells like beer. Amber offers him a shirt that was Ryan’s. They decide, to help each other out, for Drew to stay at her apartment for a while.

As Adam and Kristina walk up to the church, Sarah runs into them and states that she rented the printer that Max likes so much for an extra week so he can use it too.

During the ceremony, Joel walks in and sits down. Julia is very happy to see him, and so is Zeek.

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