‘Parenthood’ Recap - ‘The Offer’

By Andrew Wilson,

Sarah is sitting in front of the computer at Hank’s studio, mulling over whether to send her project in, or to try and refine it. After going back and forth out loud, Hank hits the send button.

Max is packing for a school trip to Sacramento. Kristina walks in getting ready too, but Max states that he doesn’t want her to go and chaperone. His Mom tries to talk to him about it but he’s made up his mind.

Amber comes home and Drew is playing a song on her guitar and singing. He realizes she’s there and quickly stops playing. Amber starts to give him a hard time asking why he’s not in school, and finds a joint. She then gives Drew an even harder time. He states he’s trying to avoid all the classes he has with Natalie, which is almost all of his classes. Drew has finally had enough and leaves.

Karen comes in Zeek and Camille’s house, even though no one answered the door. Crosby and Jabbar are playing, and Crosby quickly calls his parents downstairs. Without a thought, Zeek comes downstairs in his underwear. Karen announces that she found someone interested in buying the house already, through another realtor. Karen states that she’s going to bring the possible buyers by for a look.

Victor paces, waiting for Joel to come pick him up from baseball. The coach stays with him and tries to assure him that it will be OK but Victor is obviously upset and worried no one is coming. The coach finally calls Joel, and Joel realizes he went to the wrong field. When he picks Victor up, Victor is very quiet.

Kristina tells Adam that Max wants to go to the field trip himself. Adam thinks he will be OK, setting new boundaries for Max is a good thing. Kristina is still very hesitant to let him go without her there.

The prospective buyers go through the Braverman house, while Zeek and Camille talk to each other about everything happening so fast. The buyers leave without too much interaction. At the kid’s school, Victor abandonment issues come up as Joel is dropping them off. Victor insists that Joel call Julia to make sure she is picking him up. Joel leaves a message and Victor asks to call her again.

Insisting on wearing his rain boots because they don’t fit in his bag, Max gets on the bus for his field trip as a very hesitant and worried Adam and Kristina look on.

As Julia waits to pick up Victor from school, one of the parents approaches her and asks why Victor has a cell phone. Julia states he doesn’t but then Victor comes out excited that his Dad got him a new cell phone.

Natalie ambushes Drew before one of his classes. She confronts him about avoiding her, and Drew tells her he is upset that she slept with his roommate. Natalie argues that he wasn’t around for nearly a month because of Amy being at school. As they fight, Drew walks inside his class.

Sarah talks to Hank about not hearing back about her proposal. Hank tells her not to worry about it. Next thing you know, Sarah walks into Hanks studio. Hank tells her that she can stay only if she doesn’t ramble. She continues to and Hank finally sends her to find some equipment that he hasn’t been able to find since she worked there.

Julia drops Victor off at Joel’s and confronts him about the phone, and is upset that he made a big decision like that without her. He tries to explain that he knows that Victor is going through a lot, and how he screwed up in not picking him up after baseball. Julia storms off, feeling that Joel is not willing to fight for their marriage.

Amber tries to wake Drew up for class but he says that he doesn’t want to go. She finally pours a glass of water on his head and he admits that he is sad about Amy and doesn’t want to see Natalie or Berto. Amber then feels bad about trying to make him go, and just sits with him trying to understand.

Sarah continues to stress and finally receives a message just asking to meet with the client. She can’t stop overanalyzing and Hank starts to rub her shoulders. Sarah starts talking about not wanting to mislead Hank, and Hank states that he does feel like she is misleading him, and that he wants more than just a friendship. He is confused and states he doesn’t know if he can be there for her anymore.

Karen sits down with Zeek and Camille, and states the buyers but in an offer, a little bit under asking. They are surprised, thinking the couple hated it, and realizing none of the updates Karen suggested before have been done. They tell Karen they need to think about it, since it happened so fast. She says no problem, followed by telling them the offer is only good for three days.

Kristina gets a call from Mr. Knight, Max’s teacher. He tells her that Max melted down, yelling and swearing, and is now sitting in the lobby of the hotel, refusing to move. He states they need to come and get him.

Julia, Sydney and Victor eat dinner. Victor is playing on his phone, even though Julia is telling him not too. Sydney is very upset that he gets a phone and she doesn’t. She then starts yelling at Victor stating they lives were better before he came there, and that he is the reason Joel left. Julia tells him that’s not true and sends Sydney up to her room.

Kristina and Adam get to the hotel to pick up Max. Adam talks to Mr. Knight, trying to figure out what went wrong. Mr. Knight tells him that the other kids were picking on him. He tries to assure Adam that he’s a great kid, and the other students are just mean.

Zeek and Camille sit outside by their fire pit, debating about the house. Zeek admits to Camille that he took out the tree that she thought was rotting, because he wanted to build his shed. Camille decides that they should decline the offer, put the house on the market and see what offers they receive.

As they drive back, Kristina and Adam ask Max what happened. He finally starts breaking down and asks why the other kids hate him, and why they make fun of him. Kristina jumps in the back seat to hug him, and Adam is angry but realizes there is little he can do to help.

Hank waits outside in front of the surf company to catch Sarah before she goes in to her meeting. Although he stated he can’t be there for her, he tells her not to worry, that she did a great job, and that she should be proud of her work whether they like the product or not.

Amber quietly goes to the doorway of her apartment as she hears Drew singing the song again. He catches her but she quickly asks for him to start playing again, and that she will improvise and join in with him.

Victor talks to Joel, and hands him the phone stating he doesn’t want it. He asks if he gives the phone back will his Mom stop being mad at him. He asks if he didn’t move in, if he and Julia would still be together, and that Sydney said that to him. Joel assures Victor that he and Julia’s separating had nothing to do with him. He tells him that he didn’t just “move in”, that he came to them to be their son and nothing will ever change that.

Sarah comes out of the meeting and Hank is still there. She gives Hank a big hug.

Karen drives up to the Braverman’s house and Zeek looks at Camille and asks what part of “no” did she not understand? Karen gets out of the car, and says that she wouldn’t bother them but the buyer came back with another offer, this time higher than the asking price. Zeek looks at the offer and can’t believe it. Karen states that the offer is the highest for their neighborhood. Karen tells them they have a lot of thinking to do, and that they have three days to decide.

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