Paul Walker asked mother Cheryl Ann to become guardian to his daughter before his death

By Rebekah Penner ,

It seems Cheryl Ann Walker had been looking out for her late son’s last request by petitioning for guardianship of Paul Walker's daughter. Prior to his fatal car accident on Nov. 30, Paul Walker reportedly asked his mother to become his daughter’s legal guardian as he was too busy to properly care for her.

As previously reported, Cheryl Ann petitioned for guardianship of her granddaughter, Meadow Raine. It appears now that this could have been an attempt to fulfill her late son’s wishes.

Three months prior to his death, Walker, overwhelmed with his acting duties, asked his mother to begin taking care of Meadow. As a result, Meadow moved in with Cheryl Ann and went through a series of nannies while her grandmother was at work throughout the day.

However, on the day he died, Walker had come up with a new solution and asked his mother to retire from her position as a nurse to take care of Meadow full-time reported TMZ.

Cheryl Ann agreed and Walker later informed other family members of the decision.

Although Meadow had previously lived with her mother, Rebecca Jo Soleros, before 2011, Walker had ruled her out as a possible option due to her serious drinking problem.

If Cheryl Ann becomes the legal guardian of Meadow, she will also become the guardian of the estate that has been left behind for Meadow of $16 million.

It has been reported that Soleros and Meadow were both surprised by Cheryl Ann's decision to file paperwork this week.

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