Paul Walker's sunglasses go up for auction

By Joy Perrone,

The sunglasses actor Paul Walker was wearing in the fiery crash that took his life are allegedly up for auction, as well as the fire extinguisher used to calm the blaze and debris from the crash.

Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker's death took Hollywood by surprise last November, but now a bystander to the crash is claiming that he has the sunglasses Paul Walker died in, and he's selling them for a steep price. TMZ reports that the seller is claiming to have found the glasses in the bushes after the wreckage was cleared from the crash site, but didn't realize their significance until after he saw photographs of Walker wearing the shades moments before the crash.

ET News reports that the bidding site promised to donate a portion of the sale to SavingAmericasMustangs.org, as an "acknowledgement of Paul Walker's immeasurable charitable contributions." The bidding was done on the site BidAMI, though the site is currently down due to high traffic. ET News reported that the bidding for the glasses was up to $1,729 before the site crashed. The bidding amount for the fire extinguisher and crash debris is still unknown.

Image: Universal



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