'Person of Interest' recap: 3.18 'Allegiance'

By Marie Blake,

This weeks episode of Person of Interest brings us back to saving lives, without worrying about Decima Technologies and their Samaritan system, for now.

Instead we focus on Maria Martinez, an engineer for Hydral Corp who builds generators for third world countries.

Shaw keeps a close eye on Maria while she is at work. Maria answers a call about a package, takes a GPS tracking device, and leaves the rest of the work to her boss, Ken Davis.

While that is going on, elsewhere, we find root targeting a man working with Decima, but she quickly looses him in the crowd.

Shaw and Reese follow Maria to the location where she is to pick up a package. Maria meets up with Jamal Risha, an Iraqi immigrant. We find out that his brother, Omar, is being held as a terrorism suspect.

Jamal gives Maria the package and the two split up. Shaw and Fusco follow Maria to the United Nations compound, where Maria seems to be spying on Rene Lapointe, a French diplomat.

Finch discovers that Lapointe is the one who approved for Omar to be held as a terrorist suspect.

Lapointe is about to leave in his limo, when Maria stops in front of it, and secretly plants the GPS tracking device.

Maria then changes into nicer clothes, and follows the device to an invitation only party. There Maria confronts Lapointe about Omar, but is asked to leave.

A man pulls Maria to the side and asks what this is about. Maria explains that Omar is her interpreter, who is being held as a possible terrorist. The man, who is found out to be a Greece diplomat named Christos, tells Maria that he will make a few calls.

Finch and Reese go to try and find out more information on why Omar is being held. They They go to Lapointe posing as lawyers, and are given a letter that proves Omar was involved in terrorist work.

Seeing that Maria is not in fact a threat, Shaw moves in closer to protect her and try to work out the situation.

Maria was attacked by a few men of the French Legion. Shaw, Fusco, and Reese show up to fight them off, and take Maria to a safe location.

Maria explains the scenario to Finch. She and Omar did work in Iraq with the generators. Maria was attacked, and Omar was there to save her. He started receiving death threats, and Maria knew that if he was deported back, then he would be killed.

Finch shows Maria the letter from the UN showing Omar had a link to a terrorist group, but Maria claimed the facts were false, and that Lapointe could be behind the whole thing.

Finch goes to the UN compound to speak with Omar, posing as his new attourney. Omar tells finch that he was going to tell Maria that the generators were never installed, and there was no power for hospitals and police stations. In all of the panic, Al-Qaeda moved back into the compound.

Maria's boss, Davis, was the one who signed the papers to transport the generators elsewhere.

Before Finch can find out any more information, their interview is interrupted by police, telling Omar that his asylum papers have been denied, so he is being deported back to Iraq.

Shaw finds out from Maria that she and Omar were in love, and supposed to get married. They find out that the letter was forged by Davis after he found out about their relationship. Maria manages to escape from Shaw to find Omar.

Fusco interrogated Davis, and he basically admits to being involved, but due to his UN connections, Fusco cant charge him.

Reese poses as a deportation van driver, and manages to bring Omar to a safe place.

Maria goes to Christos to gain access to Lapointes office, and find the real paperwork concerning Omar.

Shaw plants a smoke screen in the UN compound, and the building is evacuated. Reese, Fusco, and Omar serve as firefighters to gain access into the building, but are stopped and held at gunpoint.

Lapointe walks in on Maria and Christos going through his office. Maria is puzzled that Christos can speak French. Christos kills Lapointe, and aims the gun at Maria.

Christos was working with the French Legion, and with Davis, the whole time. Reese, Fusco, and Omar manage to get to Maria, and knock out Christos; but not before telling him that the paperwork signed at the harbor where the generators were redirected to, proves his involvement.

Maria and Omar are reunited, and Fusco presents Omar his approved asylum documents.

Davis has fled the scene without a trace, but is later found by Root. Davis is talking to the man Root was tracking earlier, giving him the paperwork for the generators. Davis is then taken to be killed.

Root catches up with the man. They talk about Samaritan, and how he believes Root will work well with the machine. She refuses, but is held at gunpoint, allowing him to get away.

Photo: Giovanni Rufino/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved



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