Phil Jackson might join the struggling Knicks front office

By Lamarana Diallo ,

Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson, who led the Chicago Bulls to win six NBA titles and the Los Angeles Lakers five, was offered a front office position with the New York Knicks.

Jackson will make his decision sometime this upcoming week and CBS Sports reports that he is “seriously considering” taking the offer.

According to ESPN, a source close to the Knicks told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that Jackson will take the position.

If Jackson does accept the offer, he would be president of basketball operations for the team and be in charge of basketball related decisions, notes ESPN.

The Knicks president and General Manager, Steve Mills, had originally offered Jackson the head coaching position for the Knicks but Jackson declined.

Jackson has said on numerous occasions that he would never coach again, notes the L.A. Times.

Jackson, in the past, has expressed interest in working in the front office of a team. The famed coach was supposed to join the front office of the Sacramento Kings, but the Kings reached a deal to stay in northern California.

Jackson won two titles with the Knicks back in the '70s and if he takes the offer, his leadership will definitely shake up the now struggling Knicks.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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