Pilot of missing Malaysian Airlines flight was a 'fanatical' political activist

By Rebecca Walezak,

The pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines jet was reportedly a political activist.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who is now missing with the other 238 that were onboard Flight 370 at the time it went missing, is said to be a “fanatical” supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, an opposition leader in the country who was placed in jail the same day the plane mysteriously vanished.

The Daily Mail reports that the captain’s family moved out of their home the day before the plane disappeared, making officials question if the plane’s disappearance was “an act of piracy.”

After Malaysian police allegedly searched the pilot’s home, an image of the missing captain emerged in which he is wearing a shirt that reads “Democracy is Dead.”

According to USA Today, Shah’s friends maintain that his relationship with Ibrahim and his stance as a political activist would not affect his work and does not make him a terrorist.

The plane has yet to have been found and there are currently numerous theories as to what happened. The only certain data is that the plane made a sudden U-turn right before disappearing. There is an estimated 634 locations that the plane could have easily gone to.

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