Pixie Lott reveals legal battle over Christina Aguilera ‘Nasty’ cover

By Amy Michura,

The UK singer Pixie Lott talked with Digital Spy to discuss her new comeback single “Nasty” and the legal battle she had to endure just in order to release the song.

The song entitled “Nasty” was originally meant to be released with some vocals from the singer/actress Christina Aguilera as it was meant to be an additional song for her film Burlesque in 2010.

However, after the song didn’t make the cut after the Burlesque team was facing legal issues with using the song with getting the copyrights cleared. These issues didn’t scare away Pixie though, as she said in an interview with Digital Spy.

“It was a song that was written a while ago, and a few people had recorded it. The version I heard was Claude Kelly singing it…” Pixie said to Digital Spy. “And I just thought it was amazing because it’s the perfect bridge [between] my last album and this album.”

She explained that the reason why the song was such a hassle to clear was due to the amount of samples within the song, notes EntertainmentWise. However, Pixie stayed persistent.

“I was just determined to get it,” she said about the song, “because I thought it would be perfect. We just fought really hard and made it happen.”

Image Courtesy:Wikimedia Commons



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