Police in China catch three attackers in connection to knifing murders

By Victoria Greene,

Police in China have arrested three suspects following a horrific weekend of violence in the city of Kunming.

According to The Associated Press, 29 people were killed in a train station Saturday evening by a group of eight separatists from Xinjiang. Police shot and killed four of the attackers and arrested one who was injured. The remaining three were captured Tuesday.

The Ministry of Public Security in China has expressed that the attack is being treated as a terrorist act.

Six men and two women carried out the knife attacks and managed to injure at least 130 people, while 20 remain in critical condition.

A man named Abdurehim Kurban led the group and is among the group who was first captured Saturday night. It is unclear if he was one of the attackers who was shot dead or the one who is injured, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Xinjiang has a large popular of Uighurs, a Turkish speaking Muslim minority, who are already at odds with China’s majority Han population. With years of animosity between them, this latest event is sure to heighten negative feelings against the minority group.

Some Chinese citizen have already stated that their support for Uighur business will stop immediately, while others realize that people must be judged on an individual basis.

"I'm shocked by this event, but I'm not scared. This won't stop me from buying Uighurs' goods. Most Uighurs are still good," said 22-year-old He Xubing, a karaoke club technician.



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