Poll finds millennials lean liberal, but identify as independent

By Kyle Johnson,

Results of a poll put together by the Pew Research Center shows that millennials lean liberal and vote Democrat, but see themselves as Independent.

According to the survey that interviewed 1,821 adults, with 617 of those being millennials, 50 percent of those between the ages 18 and 33 see themselves as politically independent, but often vote Democrat because of their liberal views in most social issues.

Millennial adults are also the most racially diverse population in the U.S., with about 43 percent being non-white.

CBS News reports that of those interviewed, only 31 percent felt that there was a distinct difference between the two major political parties, much lower than the 58 percent of people ages 69 to 86. More than half, 51 percent, of millennials also believe that there won't be any money left in the Social Security System by the time they are old enough to retire.

Social and religious issues is where millennials differ the most between the age groups of people interviewed. For those 34 and older, at least 69 percent believe in a God, while millennials sit at around 58 percent certain and 28 percent believe, but aren't sure. Only 38 percent of millennials identify as religious, compared with the other generations (Gen X, Boomer, Silent) who are no lower than 52 percent.

The Atlantic notes that while millennials lean more liberal in most social issues such as marijuana legalization, gay marriage, and immigration, they actually are close to the other generations when it comes to abortion and gun control. In fact, a higher percentage of Gen Xers, 59 percent, believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, 3 percent higher than millennials.



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