Posh eatery gets ‘C’ grade from health inspectors

By Michelle Kapusta,

A posh New York City eatery did not receive a high rating with the Department of Health.

According to CNN, health department records show that the restaurant Per Se, was cited for 42 violation points during an inspection last month.

The eatery previously held an ‘A’ grade, but has not stayed up to par in some recent inspections. City records show that the decade-old eatery has received more than 40 violations in the past.

Some of the infractions include failure to hold hot food at 140 degrees and a lack of a hand-washing facility near the food preparation area.

The restaurant has not yet released any public statements about the Health Department’s findings and can argue the grade in a hearing, but is required to post a "Grade Pending" sign until then.

The Daily Mail noted that last year, the former mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, called for a boycott of the 4,500 restaurants with B, C, or ‘Grade Pending’ ratings to force those eateries to shape up or get out of town.

Well Per Se is still in town, but the new sanitary violations could cause it to lose some business.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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