Power company shuts off woman's power eleven days after the passing of her husband

By Morgan Cox,

As if the grieving over the passing of her husband was not enough, Nashville Electric Service shut off the power of Dorothy Chambers just eleven days after.

According to NBC News, Chambers got the letter on February 15th and six days later, the company turned her power off.

Her daughter Lynn Smith explained to the company what happened and the company did not show any act of sympathy.

"Instead of with compassion and kindness, her power was turned off," said her daughter. "It was a senseless, needless act of cruelty, in my opinion."

Chambers' husband suffered from cancer and she had spent most of the last month with her husband of 57 years nursing him as he died.

Representatives for Nashville Electric Service explain that the police states that when a customer dies, the service is to be removed from the person's name as soon as possible. However, the policy does not say that they allow only seven days to do so.

Chambers' daughter tried contacting the company several times to make arrangements, but they refused to talk to her since she was not the customer.

Yahoo! News writes that after Chambers' power was shut off, she suffered a mini-stroke. Smith asked NES to reimburse her mother's co-pay of $70 for the emergency room visit related to the stroke, but the company did not agree to do so. NES did, however, return 4 hours later to reconnect the woman's power without any reconnection fee.



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