‘Pretty Little Liars’ Best Moment: A is for Answers

By Alyssa Jean,

In this episode of Pretty Little Liars, Ali wasted no time in revealing some pretty major secrets to Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily. As time went on, however, it was clear that some of these secrets would affect Aria and Spencer the most. The lead up to the big reveal of our Best Moment may be longer than usual. However, it is well worth the wait.

The episode opened with Nole Kahn and the girls in the loft of what seems to be a restaurant that we later find out is called The Mockingbird. After disappearing for a short amount of time, Ali walks through the door surprising the girls.

Spencer, still unsure of her feelings towards Ali, makes it clear of her seemingly love/hate relationship with Ali but also the major question of whether or not she really did end up killing an innocent girl. Ali also reveals that she has the entirety of the night, but if they cannot figure out who “A” is by the end of the night, then she will have to leave forever.

Cici Drake is then seen in an investigation room as she is apparently being considered for the murder of former villain of the show Detective Wilden. We are then brought back to the loft with Ali where we are shown multiple flash backs that date back to that fateful night.

In the flashback, Melissa finally figures out that Ian had been cheating on her with Ian. Ali, being in the next room over, goes to delete certain files and videos when she happens to fall upon a video of Toby and Jenna. After making copies of all of the videos and then disappearing as she usually does, the countdown to see who “A” really is begins.

Still in the flashback, Ali approaches Jenna and tells her that she knows about her and Toby and that she has the video to prove it. She also tells her that if she ever comes back to Rosewood or sends another threat to her, then something bad will happen. However, as Ali is leaving the room, she got another famous text from the anonymous “A” and, at that moment, knew that “A” couldn’t be Jenna.

Back in real time, the police are in a full-fledged investigation searching through Spencer’s house. At this point, no one has seen the girls since the bridal show fundraiser and the girls are considered missing. Another flashback ensues in which Mrs. D forbids Ali from going out even though it was the last weekend of summer, and as we all remember, the weekend that Ali supposedly dies.

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