'Pretty Little Liars' recap: 'Cover for Me'

By Alyssa Jean,

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars left off at last week’s action-packed series of intensity. As Spencer struggles with her parent's suspicions, she also struggles with recent outbreaks of flashbacks to the night Ali disappeared. Conveniently enough, Spencer finds a strange but mildly attractive young man in her kitchen conversing with her still concerned mother. She soon finds out that the new man, Dean, is a drug and alcohol abuse counselor and with be monitoring her effectively for the time being.

While an overly ecstatic and thrilled Spencer, totally being sarcastic of course, goes to pee in a cup as a result of drug testing from her new counselor, Aria is on a wild ride in Syracuse. The newly-heartbroken Aria was seen drinking a little too much and already seems to have found a new man. Supposed to have been on a college tour, Aria ditches in order to spend more quality time with her new guy.

Back at Rosewood, Mona and Mike were on rough terms as Ezra watched on ongoing argument. We later find out that Mona actually breaks up with Mike, however, the true reasoning remains unknown and Mike, being his usual angry self, initially blames Aria for their falling out.

Hannah sees Detective Holbrook where he then presents her the tip that Paige had written revealing that Ali is alive. However, neither of them know where it came from but Holbrook believes Hannah has something to do with it. As usual, Hannah stands her ground and goes on her own to investigate where the letter came from and whose handwriting is entailed in the letter.

Spencer is now on strict lock-down and seems relaxed upon getting ready for bed. In a series of events that really grossed me out and honestly freaked me out to a new extent, Spencer becomes wide-eyed as she attempts to become comfortable. After pulling up the blanket, an extensive pile of dirt is planted at the edge of her bed with a letter suitably rooted in the mix. The letter, of course from “A”, read something along the lines of Spencer digging Ali’s grave and now it’s her turn.

Back at school, Hannah agrees to go on a date with Travis as Mrs. Dilaurentis seems to be popping up everywhere and is honestly being extremely creepy about it. Spencer is getting ready to take care of her laundry and now clean sheets when Mrs. “D”, as we will call Mrs. Dilaurentis, makes several comments that seem eerily like a commentary on Ali’s death. “No one should watch their daughter die” she says as Spencer apologizes and attempts to take her laundry upstairs. She finishes with an unnerving comment that noting “beats” sleeping on clean sheets. If that’s not enough to make any sense of pity or sorrow disappear for Mrs. D, I’m pretty sure I was sufficiently bothered by her comments.

Spencer has even more of an adrenaline rush when on the next day her counselor urges her to run an extra mile after already running a couple miles. During the final round, Spencer passes a shovel that was left and immediately starts to have flashbacks to the night Ali disappeared but only this time, she remembered what happened.

This brings us to our best moment: the grave digger. In other words, Spencer flashes back to chasing Ali with a shovel just as she had been remembering. Only this time, when Ali trips, Spencer violently strikes her creating a spatter of blood to spread everywhere on Spencer’s face. The flashback ends there as she spastically tries to wipe the blood off and she now thinks she remembered what she did that summer when her drug abuse was at its all time high and the summer that she can barely remember.

Aria says goodbye to Ezra in the meanwhile and obtains a copy of the book Ezra had written upon hearing he will not go through with publication. So this is about the part where I ask a plethora of questions and try to solve the “A” case…right? Wrong! In this episode there happens to be a second best moment in which Ezra reveals who he thinks “A” really is. While the girls meet at Emily’s, Hannah discovers an envelope addressed to Emily in the same handwriting that the letter given to detective Holbrook had been written. It doesn’t take long for her to put the pieces together.

So who is “A”? As Ezra analyzes in his unpublished book, the suspect is revealed is Mrs. Dilaurentis. I know, my face was just as confused as I’m pretty sure everyone’s was when this new theory evolved. The episode ended with Spencer thinking over a letter from London in which we did not get to see. However, upon peering out the window at the light coming from Ali’s room, Mrs. D can be seen sneaking up behind Spencer until Mrs. Hastings comes to the rescue.

So to end this recap of best moments, I’m only going to ask one question: Is Mrs. Dilaurentis “A”?

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