'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'A is for Answers'

By Lauren Wheeler,

In this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, Alison tells the girls about the night she disappeared, Spencer's parents are interviewed by the police, and Cece finally gets caught.

The episode begins where the previous episode ends. The liars turn around to see someone. It's Noel. Noel says that he would take them to Alison. They give him their phones and then get dropped off at an unknown location.

When they arrive, Alison begins to tell them about the night she disappeared or "died." She says that they need to work together to figure out who A is that night or else she would have to leave forever. So, she gets to work telling her story in flashbacks. Although Spencer asks repeatedly for Alison to tell her whether or not she tried to kill her, Alison continues to tell her to wait for it.

At the police station, Cece has been captured by the police. She is sitting in the interrogation room alone. She tells the police that Wilden is a jerk. Holbrook basically tells her that there is no deal to make. She says that she knows who is in the grave and that Alison is alive. She says that the person who killed the girl in the grave is the one who is trying to kill Alison.

Holbrook delivers a search warrant to the Hastings household because not only were the girls missing but they also knew that Alison was alive. And, surprise, Melissa shows up. Holbrook takes them all down to the station and interrogates them separately.

Meanwhile, Alison is still telling the girls about the night she went missing. She says that she had been getting messages from A since that Halloween. To get away from it, she went to Hilton Head with Ian. When she came back, Melissa approached Ian and was super offended that he had gone with Ali. Melissa said that she loved Ian and wanted to get back together. Hearing that, Ali got on Ian's computer and saved all of the N.A.T videos on her jump drive.

Ali was happy that she found it. She says that she suspected that anyone could be A. So, with all of the videos, she had enough blackmail material to defeat A. The first person that she approached was Jenna. She believed that Jenna was A because she had the most motive. However, she quickly discovered that it was not her.

At the police station, Holbrook is interviewing the Hastings family. Spencer's sister tells the police that she came back because Toby came to London and told her that Spencer had a relapse and that she needed to come back. Holbrook asks Mr. Hastings about the private investigator that he hired to follow Spencer, then tells Mrs. DiLaurentis that her daughter is alive. Mr. Hastings makes it clear to Mrs. D that she is not allowed to say anything about Spencer.

Back with Ali, she says that her mother told her to stay in that night. She believes that Spencer is the bully. Ali decides to go anyway and drugs her friends.

Once her friends are asleep, she tries to cut down her A-list. When she meets with Toby, he thanks her for everything so she knows it isn't him. When she meets with Ian, they fight about the videos, but she also got in a fight with Ezra. When she and Ezra meet, she lies about her age. When he figures out she is 16, he ends it.

Then, she got back to the barn. She and Spencer fight. But, after Spencer slips, she realizes that Spencer is on drugs and they become good friends.

After Spencer falls asleep, Ali walks back home. She sees her mother in the house staring. But, after seeing her mother's horrified face, she is hit in the head.

According to Ali, her mother buried her alive to protect someone. She keeps asking why the person had done that to Ali.

As we already know, Ms. Grunewald was the one to pull her out, however it is Mona who helps Ali runaway. Mona, of course, goes all crazy but that was too long ago.

At the police station, the cops have located the liars and are headed to Philly to pick them up. Melissa tells her father that it wasn't Spencer who killed the girl. She whispers who did it, of course.

Someone is after the liars so they run up to the roof, like idiots, and get caught. Ezra comes in and tells the hooded figure that he knows who they are.

They struggle for the gun and Hanna gets it and tells the figure to take off their mask. Instead of doing that, he jumps to the other roof and gets away.

In the most shocking moment of Pretty Little Liars, Ezra gets shot and he is dying.

Also, in a strange turn of events- Mrs. DiLaurentis is murdered and is shown being buried. Ouch.

My Pretty Little Prediction: Alison has a twin that she doesn't know about. She only vaguely remembers because her twin tried to kill her as a child and she was sent away. It is like the story from the Halloween episode.

Mr. Hastings knows about the twin, which is how he is blackmailing Mrs. DiLaurentis into not ratting on Spencer, even though Mrs. DiLaurentis knows that Spencer is not guilty.

The girl in the grave is the girl who went missing on labor day.
Alison's twin killed her as well. When Melissa tells him, Mr. Hastings gets mad and follows Mrs. DiLaurentis and kills her. The twin is the one that followed the girls and shot Ezra. Also, Ezra survives.

What is your prediction? Is Ezra alive?

Pretty Little Liars returns on June 10.

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