'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Cover for me'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Did Spencer try to kill Ali?

In this episode, Hanna went out on a date with Travis, Emily questioned Mona and Fitz, Spencer adjusted after returning from rehab and Aria met a boy.

Hanna: Hanna has been having some boy trouble since Caleb left. Last episode she kissed Detective Holbrook. So, in this episode, she apologized. After apologizing, Holbrook asked her about a note that was left in his car. He found the note from Mean-Paige that said that Alison was alive. Hanna tried to play it off and say that she didn’t know. But, Holbrook still thought it was off.

Hanna decided to go on a date with Travis. When on the date, they ran into Ali’s mom. Ali’s mom said that Travis was cute and a gentleman. However, Hanna spent the entire time worrying about the note that Detective Holbrook found. She got text messages and even left the date early.

When she was at Emily’s house, she saw a note from Paige. At the end of the episode, she had figured out that Paige was the one that told the cops about it.

Emily: Emily spent the entire episode dealing with Fitz and Mona. She finally talked to Ezra about what he had done to them. She tells him that he helped her but she doesn’t understand why. She skips his class and says that he isn’t a real teacher. Ouch.

When Mike tells Emily that Mona dumped him, Emily decides to go to Mona. Mona begins to tell her everything. Mona says that she helped Ezra because he was going to keep all of her illegal stuff out of the book. She said that she dumped Mike because she didn’t want A to get to him. She also said that Ezra knew who the new A was but wouldn’t tell her.

When Hanna asked Emily if Paige knew about Ali, Emily looked shocked and knew that Paige had done something wrong. Maybe we’ll get rid of Mean-Paige for good.

Aria: Aria was heartbroken this episode. She went to Syracuse with her father to tour the campus. However, instead of being introduced to the Syracuse student body, she only spent time with one student’s body. (See what I did there?) She met a boy and spent the week drinking and hooking up with him instead of taking tours and looking at the school. The last day of the tour, she and the boy actually got to know each other. He was a musician and didn’t want to go to Syracuse but his entire family went there. Aria finally told him why she was there and, as he left, he gave Aria a coupon to beat Ezra up.

When Aria left Syracuse, she went straight to Ezra’s place. She told him that he needed to leave town. He gave her his manuscript and said that she needed to read it because he believed that he knew who the new A was.

Aria read it and called her friends to tell them exactly who Ezra believes the new A is.

When Aria returned home, she saw her brother. Aria talked to Mike about Mona dumping him. Mike said that he wasn’t really mad at her. He was just mad that Aria was right about Mona.

Spencer: Spencer has had a rough go of it recently. However, since returning from three days in rehab, she had completely kicked her drug habit. However, her mother hired a drug and alcohol counselor, Dean, to watch her. She isn’t allowed to have her phone, computer or go to school. Her time has to be focused simply on getting better. This clarity gave her a chance to think about the night that Alison went missing.

In bits and pieces of flashbacks, Spencer remembers chasing Alison. When running through the park with Dean, she sees a shovel and sees a horrifying flashback. She chased someone with a shovel and, after they tripped, hit them with a shovel. Clearly the person was significantly injured because when Spencer hit her, blood splattered onto her face.

Spencer questions whether these are true memories or something that her mind made up. However, when she goes to bed, there is dirt in her sheets and a note from A. The note reads: “You buried her. Now I’m going to bury you.

As weird as that is, when Mrs. DiLaurentis came over, she mentioned something about Spencer having to clean her sheets. Because of all of the weirdness, the four girls met at Emily’s house. Even though Spencer wasn’t allowed out, she snuck out to meet her friends.

Aria told them that Ezra thinks that Mrs. DiLaurentis was A. Spencer agrees.

When Spencer sneaks back home, her mother catches her. She asks what she doesn’t remember from the night that Alison went missing and her mother doesn’t tell her. Spencer goes upstairs to her room and Ali’s mother pops out of the darkness.

A: The A-tag was A zipping up a wedding dress. At this point, I’m sure that it is Mrs. DiLaurentis. And, honestly, do you blame her? She believes that the girls were the ones that led to her daughter’s death. That would make some pretty strong motive for blackmail and typical A-behavior.

Do you think Mrs. DiLaurentis could be A? Do you believe that Spencer killed someone or hurt Ali?

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