Prosecution to rest next week, Oscar Pistorius could take stand

By Michelle Kapusta,

The lead prosecutor in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial plans to rest next week, which could mean that the Blade Runner himself may take the stand.

CNN has noted that prosecutor Gerrie Nel announced on Wednesday that he only has four or five remaining witnesses to call on for testimony. He also got an adjournment until Monday to consider the state's position in the case.

The Associated Press reported that defense lawyer Barry Roux said that he does not want to delay proceedings, but did not object to the prosecutor’s request.

Questions arose after Nel’s move including if the state feels that they presented a strong enough case against the Paralympian or if they just got through their witness list earlier than expected?

One big question that has been asked since the trial began though is if Pistorius will take the stand in his own defense to give his account of what happened on Valentine’s Day 2013.

The double amputee is charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp after a pre-dawn argument the two allegedly had. For the past three weeks, the South African courtroom heard accounts from everyone but the athlete about what may or may not have happened on that night.

Pistorius’ defense team has not given any indication yet as to whether or not their client will in fact take the stand. The sprint runner has plead not guilty to the charges against him.

Image: Erik van Leeuwen [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons



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