Rachel McAdams drops out of 'Passengers,' delays the project

By Amy Michura,

Keanu Reeves’ romantic space film has reached a point of indefinite delay as the lead female role, Rachel McAdams, has decided to drop out.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Weinstein Co. received the United States rights to Passengers during the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, but has recently pulled the film out of its release calendar.

Due to McAdams dropping the project and the production delay, The Weinstein Co. withdrew its financial support from the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Their sources said that CAA, which is handling the domestic rights, is now going to search for other U.S. distributors.

The filming was meant to start on April 7 in Germany with the direction of Brian Kirk who has worked on Games of Thrones as well as Boardwalk Empire. However, the date needs to be pushed back for at least a few weeks.

This is not the first time that a female lead has ultimately declined the lead role in Passengers. According to E! Online, before McAdams had agreed to the role, Reese Witherspoon was meant to play the lead female role.

Passengers was hoping to seek some of the success from other recent space movies, such as Gravity.

Reeves plays a passenger aboard a spaceship containing about 5,000 other sleeping passengers as they are being taken to a new world. Once he accidentally wakes up before he was supposed to, he wakes another passenger on board. The two then fall in love and take on the responsibility to save everyone during their journey.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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