Rangers trade Ryan Callahan to Lightning for Martin St. Louis

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Goodbye, 'Captain Cally'

The New York Rangers worked all the way up to the trade deadline but ultimately, did not give Ryan Callahan the news he wanted to hear. Captain Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning is now with the Rangers as Callahan was sent to the Lighting.

Rochester native Callahan has played for the New York team for seven years, his entire NHL career. If it were up to him and his terms, he’d be a part of the team forever. The Rangers came close to re-signing the team’s beloved captain, but felt they’d get more from a trade for the 39-year-old St. Louis for just over $5 million.

Aside from captain for captain trade, Tampa Bay gets a first round pick in 2015 and a second round pick in 2014, according to CBS Sports.

After St. Louis wasn’t picked to enter the Olympics for team Canada, he asked to be traded, reports SB Nation. He signed on with the Rangers only if he'd be able to spend his off-season at home in Greenwhich, Conn.

Originally, Callahan asked for a seven-year contract of over $6 million but once those numbers dropped, the Rangers came real close re-signing. The trade made most sense. Callahan’s injuries didn’t help his cause while St. Louis would automatically become the best forward on the team.

The biggest assimilation won’t be for St. Louis, but for the rest of the team. The blue shirts must say goodbye to their captain and the heart and soul of the team they’ve become so comfortable with.

Former Tampa Bay teammate Brad Richards could help St. Louis join the team with ease during the departure of their captain.

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