'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Episode 20

By TracyJane,
With Friends Like These

The episode picks up where last week’s left off, smack in the middle of Peter and Gregg’s fight. NeNe checks out of the fight and that’s when Cynthia decides it’s her turn to step up and try to solve everything. Surprisingly, she does stay calm as she uses her mediation skills to validate both her husband and Gregg. However, she doesn’t get anywhere in her negotiation because NeNe decides to butt in again. This time NeNe jokingly apologizes for calling Peter a “b*tch." She meant to say he’s “acting like a b*tch” or rather “he’s getting in all of the bitches business and needs to stay out."

It seems as if she’s talking herself in circles. Finally Peter has had enough and he walks out of the room with the excuse that he’s going to pack.

Back in the ATL, we’re brought to Kandi’s office where she and her manager Don Juan are discussing the upcoming musical project. The conversation turns to Porsha’s agreement, which she hasn’t signed yet. Apparently she’s asking for diva-esque demands. She wants top billing, her own dressing room, among other things. Both Kandi and Don Juan roll their eyes as they realize that Porsha’s wants are bigger than her resume can justify. At that time Porsha bounces into the office for a meeting. Right after forgetting the name of her character, she asks what’s going on with the play. Kandi replies that everything is going on with the play…except Porsha. She launches into a tough love talk explaining to little Porsha that she’s not a big star and won’t be getting the list of demands she’s asked for. In classic immature form, Porsha replies that she hired NeNe’s lawyer (deflection) and that Kandi should be talking to the lawyer about the agreement, not her (avoidance). They finally agree that they don’t want their friendship to be broken, ala Kandi and Kim back in the day, so Porsha is willing to give in.

Later on, Kandi and Don Juan and the crew make a visit to their old high school. Kandi wants to give back to the school that helped launch her career and also kept her in line while she was young. She’s offering an opportunity for two current students to work on her musical project. It’s touching to see how emotional Kandi gets at seeing her old teachers and also at having achieved enough success to give back to the school.

We cut to Cynthia and Peter and NeNe and Gregg having separate discussions about what happened the last night in Mexico. Both couples agree that the fight was caused by Gregg holding in his anger about the charity event when he should have called Peter to discuss right away. However that’s where the similarities in the conversations end. Cynthia and Peter are very upset that NeNe stooped as low as to call Peter a name. Cynthia doesn’t believe that there’s ever a reason to call a friend a “b*tch." Peter is upset that Cynthia didn’t say that at the time and he wants her to confront NeNe about it now. Cynthia agrees and states that if NeNe doesn’t apologize, she’s ready to end the friendship.

NeNe and Gregg have a lighter take on the fight. NeNe admits that she shouldn’t have called Peter that name, but maintains that he was acting like one. She doesn’t think that their friendship is at risk because they all go back further than a little disagreement. Gregg agrees and wants them all to sit down and work it all out.

After half of the episode has passed, we are finally blessed with Kenya’s appearance. She has invited her new friend Marlo over to her house for a cocktail and to discuss the Mexico trip. Their conversation is cut short by a ringing of the door. Apparently Kenya has invited over a parenting coach to help her and Marlo get ready to become parents. The parent coach has brought over a robotic baby, who Kenya immediately jumps on asking why the baby is African American and not white and also checks to see if the doll is anatomically correct. So far she’s started out with all of the maturity a person who’s going to become a parent should have. As for reasons why she will be a good parent? She has enough money for a nanny, or two. All right, good plan. The parent coach goes on to explain how the robotic baby works while Kenya fights with her dog. Immediately after the parent coach leaves, Kenya tosses the doll on a chair and I’m not positive that should wouldn’t do the same to a real baby.

Phaedra makes a visit to her mortuary mentor, Willie Watkins. They discuss Phaedra’s stress at handling her kids, her law practice, her schooling, and herself. I have to admit, she is one driven woman. She gets a plan in her mind and she sees it through.

Back in Kandi’s life, we are shown her and the cast in rehearsals for the musical. They are going over songs, lines, and staging. Porsha, still not having signed her agreement, is missing from the intense rehearsal and we see that her understudy has already stepped in to learn her parts. Don Juan is ready to give the part permanently to the understudy and Kandi is just worried that she’ll never get it if she doesn’t show up to rehearsals.

Where is Porsha? She’s heading into the club with her girlfriends. She feels like she needs to kick off the beginning of HER year with a party. She’s drinking, dancing, and flirting all night long.

Finally, the time has come for the truce dinner between Peter, Cynthia, NeNe and Gregg. After a tense beginning that felt more like a first date than a dinner between friends, the conversation gets rolling. Gregg starts off by saying he rarely gets out of character but he did this time because his emotions were bubbling. Peter speaks up and claims that he doesn’t understand why NeNe got in the middle of it and call him a bitch. NeNe reiterates that she didn’t mean to call him that, but just state that he was ACTING like a bitch. She apologizes for the name ultimately. Cynthia pipes up and says that NeNe shouldn’t have been used the word. Gregg agrees that the word is bad and if he was called that, there would be trouble. Cynthia goes on to say that she just wants respect both ways in the friendship. If there’s a problem, then bring it up right away. Gregg finishes the conversation by extending his hand to Peter and apologizing for himself and NeNe. Peter accepts the apology and they all break into laughter at the end. The awesome foursome is back together…for now.



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