'Resurrection' Recap: 'Us Against the World'

By Paige Paswaters,

Resurrection left us last week with one Arcadian dead and another resurrected. Agent Bellamy’s first suspect for the murder is Caleb Richards, and with probable cause. A day or two prior, Bellamy walked into Caleb’s shed where he witnessed him washing off his hammer. Who washes their hammer? Unless, of course, it is covered in blood.

In addition to the recent murder, they suspect Caleb Richards of being tied to a bank robbery that happened back before he died. When Caleb was digging holes in a previous episode, he was actually looking for his stash of money. All he found was a mask that was used during the robbery, but no cash. This, we presume, prompted him to murder the man with his hammer. As we are taken back through the scenario of the past robbery, it flashes us forward to the present day where we are at the same bank and an identical robbery is taking place. Once again, Caleb is leaving his mark on the town of Arcadia.

Elaine works at the bank and immediately after the robbery/shooting takes place, she gets on her cell phone to call her father. It takes him a few minutes to answer, but he is in fact at home. She thinks, “Thank God.” But the moment of relief is short-lived when he abruptly informs her that he is taking off. Just like that he is out the door, abandoning his two children yet again. Elaine is blind to the evil that her dad possesses, and she will do anything to protect him.

Sheriff Fred Langston and Agent Bellamy are already sure Caleb was responsible for the last robbery, but they have to prove he committed this crime before they can put him away for good. They know that Caleb had to have gotten on to Elaine’s computer to find out the route and schedule of the cash truck, which is absolutely true. But, regardless of how much they urge Elaine to tell them the truth, she covers for her dad. She is in disbelief that he could ever be behind all of this tragedy.

Meanwhile, God has given Pastor Tom Hale the biggest ride of his life. His past love, Rachel, has returned from the dead after committing suicide off a bridge twelve years ago. She woke up in a corn field in New York three days ago and was able to make her way home to Missouri. Yet, she doesn’t know how she landed in that corn field, and she seems to be just as confused about it as the rest of us. Tom is unsure how to react, naturally, and he knows he must tell his wife. Rachel’s heart shatters when she realizes Tom’s heart is with another.

Tom’s wife, on the other hand, is hurt that she was never told about Rachel in the first place. She realizes how much love he had for Rachel and how this reunion could very well damage the marriage they have built. When Tom seeks out Rachel to send her off, he finds it incredibly difficult. He cannot bear to say goodbye to her once more. We can see their love rekindling, even though he is still angry of her selfish decision to end her life. Tom has to develop the strength to push Rachel away, otherwise his marriage could be in jeopardy and he could find himself in a dangerous love triangle.

On the other side of town, Lucille Langston has finally realized that her son is not quite the same, even though his childhood memories are there and his body is identical. Jacob eats constantly (as does Caleb), and Lucille notices that her son is not sleeping. Come to think of it, we have not seen Caleb sleep either. Maggie is finally able to see these correlations, and this prompts her to spend more time with our troubled, young, Jacob. She works hard to pick his brain, while also give him comfort, and it works.

As they drive, Jacob is overcome with a feeling he hasn’t exactly experienced before – Caleb. He can feel Caleb in his dad’s old workshop, and it is because of Jacob that they are able to find the criminal mastermind and arrest him. I am not sure if they have enough evidence to convict Caleb Richards of the murder or the (two) robberies. But, they do have him in custody. It’s not over though. Caleb threatens, “It’s just beginning.”

On the preview for the next episode we hear Caleb warn, “More are coming – more than you can ever imagine.” Why does Caleb know this and not Jacob or Rachel?!



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