Rob Lowe reveals he had a chance to sleep with Madonna at 19

By Amy Michura,

In an interview with the New York Post, Rob Lowe admitted that he wanted to sleep with Madonna.

Lowe’s upcoming book Love Life, the sequel to his bestselling 2011 memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, features a story about him meeting Madonna in Los Angeles in 1984.

“She was cute and she was young and she was single, and so I sat front-row… she was a relevation,” Lowe had written, according to Page Six. Lowe stated that after the house lights came on after her show, a security guard came around to collect him in order to meet the singer.

Upon meeting her, Madonna asked him about the movie Lowe had been working on at the time. He described St. Elmo’s Fire to her, concluding that he plays “the bad boy” and he wrote, “She seemed to like that.”

The two got together again months later at the Palladium, which Lowe described as “a giant dance club that was filled with rabid ‘boy-toy’ doppelganger fans of both sexes. It was a madhouse.”

While sitting in the VIP section, the two celebrities were then discussing where they could sneak off to be together at the end of the night, according to Us Weekly.

However, Madonna’s spontaneous side kicked in as she “suddenly jumped up” and asked the actor to dance. When he declined, she left him waiting at the VIP section.

Lowe wrote in his response, “You’re crazy,’ I said, half meaning it. ‘No I’m not,’ she said… ‘I’m just not going to let success f—k up my fun.'”

Rob Lowe’s sequel to Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Love Life is out on April 8.

He will be in Midtown on April 9 at the Barnes & Nobles on Fifth Avenue in New York City to sign copies.

image courtesy of ABC



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