Robert Henry executed in Florida for setting co-workers on fire

By Ian O'Brien,

Robert Henry of Florida was executed Thursday for killing two of his co-workers, both of whom were female.

Henry killed them by beating them with a hammer before setting them on fire during a robbery at the fabric store where they worked. $1,269 in merchandise was stolen. He received first-degree murder charges for killing the two women in November 1987.

At first, Henry, 55, tried claiming that the culprit was an unknown person, but one of the women lived long enough to identify Henry as the killer on her deathbed, according to CBS Miami.

The Associated Press reports that Henry went through a lethal injection, and a witness to the execution yelled "Die!" as Henry was being injected. Henry was executed at the Florida State Prison.

Despite his actions, Henry was remorseful before his execution. He read a three-minute speech that included apologies for his crimes and well wishes for the families of the victims. He went on to say he hoped they would find solace in the fact that he was being executed.

However, Henry also went on to criticize the death penalty, saying that thieves don't get their hands cut off as punishment.



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