Rock band Drive-By Truckers release ‘English Oceans’

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

English Oceans is the latest album from Drive-By Truckers, released by ATO Records.

This is the 12th album by Drive-By Truckers. According to The Guardian, the band based in Atlanta, Ga., calls their new album a “return to basics.”

Storytelling is some of what the band aspires to do with their newest work. The songs are written by band members Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. Other members include Brad “The EZB” Morgan on drums, Jay Gonzalez on keyboard and guitar, and Matt Patton on bass.

Previous albums from the band include Pizza Deliverance, Decoration Day, A Blessing and a Curse, and Go-Go Boots. Their first album was Gangstabilly released in 1998. Their live albums include Alabama Ass Whuppin’ and the vinyl only limited edition of Live At Third Man.

The newest album has Southern rock flair and includes plenty of guitar. Songs from English Oceans include , “Exile on Main Street,” “Til He’s Dead or Rises,” “Primer Coat,” “Hanging On,” and “Grand Canyon,” according to the Associated Press.



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