Russian forces storm Ukrainian base in Crimea

By Kyle Johnson,

Russian forces attacked a Ukrainian base on Saturday and fired their guns in the air. Though no one appears to have been killed, one Ukrainian soldier was injured.

The Russian forces used armored vehicles to blast through the front gates at the Belbek base and threw smoke grenades, reports The New York Times. The Russian forces eventually were allowed freely into the base where about 150 soldiers and dozens of journalists were staying.

Discussions began shortly afterward for surrender. Russian forces have managed to take several other Ukrainian bases located in Crimea without killing anyone.

According to BBC News' Ian Pannell, troops stationed in Crimea are exhausted and feel as if Ukraine has left them behind.

The Ukrainian base commander said that the troops aren't sure of their orders have been waiting for some instruction, but Ukraine denies this, saying they were told what they should do if attacked.

Ukraine's Defense Ministry spokesman Vladyslav Seleznyov told Ukrainian media of the attack, "All is in smoke. We retreated to the main headquarters."

On Friday, President Vladimir Putin signed a law that officially made Crimea part of Russia, following the March 16 referendum vote that easily passed.



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