Ryan Tedder talks songwriting and moving forward with One Republic

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Ryan Tedder has a full time job being the frontman and lead vocalist for the band One Republic but he also has a side job as a songwriter for some of the largest names in music today. Tedder made $2.5 million writing songs last year alone.

Tedder had started working more behind the scenes in the music industry after his band One Republic hit a down time after their hit "Apologize" made it big in 2007 but the group came back strong with their latest single, "Counting Stars."

Tedder has worked with bands such as U2 and Grammy winning artists such as Adele but he won't stop when it comes to working behind the scenes of the music industry and in songwriting. The frontman has been behind hits like "Bleeding Love" and Adele's "Rumor Has It" but his schedule for working with artists for new songs is pretty full.

The "Counting Stars" singer went into the studio with U2 and is working with Taylor Swift for her next album.

In the end, he is not worried about the money that he makes from working with these artists. He explained that he just wants to reach what he made the previous years. "At the end of every year I ask my business manager, 'What did I make this year?' and my goal is to match or beat the year before. And that's it. I don't know when my last royalty thing came in," said Tedder.

Billboard reported that One Republic will be heading out on a large tour that will arrive in Europe and the United States this summer.

Tedder is even writing while on the road while on tour. "It's the most productive tour I've done, and we've still got another month. It is expensive - I'm renting another bus half the time in Europe, which'll cost you an arm and a leg. I'll rent studios in Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, Paris - I just finished two songs for the Cassius project here," said Tedder.

Contact Music reported that the tour just kicked off in the U.K. last night and will be heading to a variety of other stops across Europe before arriving to the United States.

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