'Sam and Cat' cancellation rumors spark after Jenette McCurdy's racy photos leak

By Francisco Flores,
Jenette McCurdy's leaked racy photos might put her show in jeopardy

The popular Nickelodeon show, Sam and Cat, is facing rumors of cancellation after the show’s star Jennette McCurdy had racy lingerie photos leaked.

The photos show McCurdy in racy lingerie while she poses and smiles for a cell phone camera. TMZ reported that the photos were leaked and that she was accusing one sole person as the culprit.

The photos leaked to various websites on last Monday and have been making their rounds on the Internet ever since. She accused Andre Drummond, whom she dated for a very brief time, as the leaker of the pictures. He denied leaking the photos. “I did not leak the photos of JM," he told TMZ.

She took to her twitter to express her feelings toward the situation.

The weekend before the pictures leaked, McCurdy was interviewed on a podcast, in which she gave intimate details about the failed fling.

According to the Inquisitr, the show might have to battle cancellation following the release of the racy McCurdy photos. The site noted that previous shows that dealt with controversial teenagers on children’s shows have always been canceled to avoid negative criticism.

Image courtesy of Nickelodeon



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