Scientists give 'Chicken from Hell' dinosaur a proper name

By Daniel S Levine,

Scientists called it the “Chicken from Hell,” a seven-foot tall, feathered dinosaur that lived in North America millions of years ago. Remains of the dinosaur were discovered several years ago, but it wasn’t until today that it got a proper, scientific name.

It is believed that the dinosaur, which roamed the Dakotas 66 million years ago, did have feathers and a head similar to today’s flightless birds. According to NBC News, it had a crested head and did not have any teeth. Instead, it had a beak. However, it also had sharp claws like a Tyrannosaurus rex. Still, it only ate plants and possibly small animals.

“We jokingly call this thing the 'Chicken From Hell,' and I think that's pretty appropriate,” Matthew Lamanna of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh said in a statement today.

However, scientists can now stop calling it that. Its official scientific name is Anzu wyliei.

The Associated Press reports that the analysis of the Aznu was published in the PLoS One journal.

Lamanna wrote that the Aznu is likely from a dinosaur family that’s still mostly unknown since only fragmented skeletons of the other members have been found. Three nearly complete Aznu skeletons are the best examples of this group.

Lamanna said that they were considering calling it the Latin or Greek translation for “chicken from hell,” but it and other possible names were just unpronounceable. So, “I thought that if I couldn't come up with a name that literally meant 'chicken from hell,' I could at least name it 'feathered demon.’”



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