Scripts, photos, and a camera owned by Orson Welles will be sold at auction

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

The youngest daughter of filmmaker Orson Welles is giving fans a chance to purchase a camera, scripts, and photos from Citizen Kane. While some people decided that these items make sense in a museum, Beatrice Welles preferred that the relics that were in a box be sold at auction.

According to the Associated Press, Margaret Barrett, director of entertainment-related auctions, said of Orson Welles, “People are still talking about him decades after his death. One of the enduring signs of fame is when young people know who someone is - someone who might have passed away decades ago."

Over 70 items will be auctioned by Heritage Auctions on April 26. Barrett said that Welles’ old Bell & Howell movie camera could be one of the biggest sellers. The other items being auctioned are movie scripts and pictures from the set of Citizen Kane.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar that Welles won for Citizen Kane was sold at auction several years ago.



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