Search for black box of missing Malaysia flight 370 has come up empty so far

By Alicia Mayle,

Although a search for the missing Malaysia flight 370 has turned up nothing thus far, many hope the search off the west coast of Australia will turn up pieces of the plane.

Rescue teams are now coming to terms with oceanographers' predictions that even in remote locations, there is debris everywhere.

The pressure is on for the search and rescue teams to find the missing plane because of the very important black box that could divulge the events that happened on the missing plane. The black box will emit a signal for roughly 30 days, according to the Washington Post.

Families of the missing Malaysia flight passengers are still upset, and some are choosing not to express their grief until it is confirmed that the flight crashed.

On Sunday, Malaysia Airlines announced that it would fly family members to Perth and set up an assistance center to provide counseling, but will only do so “only once it has been authoritatively confirmed that the physical wreckage found is that of MH370,” according to the Los Angeles Times.



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