Selena Gomez's family doesn't like that she's spending time with Justin Bieber again

By Gina Masilotti,

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been constantly making headlines recently. The two seem to be back together, and the two have been spotted together a few times in the past week. Selena’s family wasn’t always a fan of Justin, and they may not be too pleased about the couple reuniting again.

Even though the couple broke up initially in November 2012, the two have been caught together on a few different occasions. They have been seen riding Segways together, having breakfast at Starbucks and as of last night, dirty dancing in an Instagram video that Bieber posted and then quickly deleted. Bieber has also Instagramed a picture of Gomez hugging him and one of her looking glamorous at a Vanity Fair party.

With Bieber recently being arrested for a DUI and Gomez being released from rehab for unknown treatment, the two have a lot going on but are spending their time recovering together.

While some fans absolutely love the reunion, Gomez’s family isn’t very happy about it. A source told People Magazine that, “Selena has chosen Justin over her family in the past. They are disappointed about that. Her father has told her he doesn’t like her spending time with him.”

Neither have spoken out about officially being back together, but social media seems to be speaking for itself. Bieber even dedicated a few of his songs to Gomez at his performance in Texas. When he performed his song “Boyfriend,” he The AP reports that he added, “This goes out to my baby girl.”

image: By Joella Marano from Manhattan, NYCUploaded by MyCanon (Selena Gomez) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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