Sen. Harry Reid orders investigation into possible CIA hacking of Senate computers

By Kyle Johnson,

The Senate has decided to launch a probe into the allegations that the CIA snooped around in the Senate Intelligence Committee's computers.

According to Reuters, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced the investigation and spoke out against the agency's intimidation efforts, and noted the possibility the CIA violated the essence of separations of power.

In a letter sent to Attorney General Eric Holder, Reid says, "The CIA has not only interfered with the lawful congressional oversight of its activities, but has also seemingly attempted to intimidate its overseers by subjecting them to criminal investigations."

Reid also wrote to CIA director John Brennan asking for his full cooperation as the accusations are looked into. The Sergeant at Arms will be tasked with examining the committee's computers for evidence.

The investigation comes just a week after Sen. Dianne Feinstein publicly accused the CIA of spying on their computers and even removing files. She had originally asked for an apology and admission of responsibility, but received neither.

The committee and the CIA have not been on good terms as the former recently released a report that said the CIA conducted harsh interrogations at Guantanamo Bay.

photo: By United States Congress [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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