A series of car bombs in Baghdad kills 19

By Rebecca Walezak,

A series of bomb attacks have killed at least 19 people in Iraq’s capital.

Baghdad had its first bomb go off late in a commercial area, killing four and injuring 13. Within minutes, according to the Associated Press, another bomb went off nearby and killed three, wounding six. At least three other bombs were reported going off, killing a total of 19. All the reported bombs were in cars.

All officials in the case refused to give much information about the situation, stating they were not authorized to release it. They did, however, confirm the 19 dead and many that were injured.

The AFP reports that over 230 people have been reported dead this month in Iraq. At this time, no group has claimed the several car bombings to be their work.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has stated his own beliefs that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are large instigators of war in Iraq, and also said that Saudi Arabia was a supporter of “global terrorism.”



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