Siegfried & Roy's white tiger, Montecore, has passed away at age 17

By Gina Masilotti,

Siegfried & Roy are Las Vegas-based entertainers, known for incorporating beautiful white tigers into their shows. Unfortunately, Montecore, who used to perform with them in their shows and was one of their prized possessions, has passed away at age 17.

According to E! News, Montecore died on March 19 after a short illness, but no other details have been released. He was living in the entertainers Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the hotel in Vegas, which is where they performed.

A statement was released on Tuesday by Horn, where he said, “The world has lost one of its most majestic creatures and I have lost a brother. I will forever believe it was his concern for my safety and well being that caused him to act as he did on that night long ago. We spent many hours together and he never failed to bring me great joy and wonderment. It was great honor to be beside him at the end. He is now playing with his siblings in white tiger heaven.”

In October of 2003, the 380-pound tiger injured Horn during a live performance at The Mirage hotel. In 2003, People reported that Horn believes Montecore saved his life.

There was trauma to his brain and he lost all use of his left arm, hand and a lot of the use of his left leg. Roy believes the tiger dragged him across the stage by his neck because he was trying to take Roy to safety. He believes Montecore realized he needed help after he began to feel dizzy on stage.

Roy had to have 25% of his skill removed, but will still defend his tiger partner to this day. The two retired the show the night of the incident.

Roy believes that Montecore's contributions to the awareness for conservation and preservation have made him an unforgettable animal. “His spirit will live forever with Siegfried and Roy and his multitude of fans,” he added.

Eleven other white tigers, two white lions, two black leopards and six spotted leopards, survive Montecore at the habitat at the Mirage hotel.



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