'The Simpsons' Recap: 'Diggs' with special guest star Daniel Radcliffe

By May Chan,
Daniel Radcliffe guest voices as Bart's friend.

When a visiting reverend from another country pleads Springfield churchgoers for a donation to help the sick children, Bart sympathizes with a boy his own age.

Bart has a difficult time asking his parents for a donation, but Homer eventually gives in to handing Bart $20.

“Do you have my money?” Homer asks after telling Bart he must pay him back. “Do you have my money?”

Homer's son looks annoyed only because he just borrowed the money. Homer asks for the money at the restroom stall of The Waffle Truth, at a baseball game, at the dinner table, at the playground, in Bart's bed, and during Bart's web chat with Milhouse!

Feeling the pressure of Homer's badgering, Bart confides in Milhouse at the playground before a costumed devil makes Bart an offer: if he eats anything for the money, he will be able to get the $20.

So, Bart calls the children of the school playground to help him out of this bind by offering to eat anything except money.

Soon enough, Bart receives offers to eat gum, orthodontic wax, cinnamon, St. John's wort, and a dissected frog, even though Lisa warns her brother to not consume the animal.

Is it the easiest money he has ever earned? Not so fast, as Bart ends up in the hospital.

Sure, Bart pays his father back, but the next day kids on the school bus shun Bart as he walks along the aisle.

Just when the school bullies are about to beat up Bart, Diggs (guest voice Daniel Radcliffe) and his falcon save the day. Diggs is a new transfer student, who unveils to Bart the Falconry Club behind the school unbeknownst to Bart.

As Bart hangs out more and more with Diggs, he learns the falconry trade and even conducts some mischief around town in teaching Freedom, the falcon, how to snatch Springfielders' belongings.

However, when Diggs falls off a tree, Bart questions what prompted his new friend to jump off the tree.

The simple answer, Diggs says, is that he just wanted to fly. Does Diggs still want to fly?

Bart gives Diggs a look when he tells him that he can't fly with a cast. Diggs even refers to himself as having a broken wing.

Bart overhears that Diggs will transfer over to an asylum, so does this mean it's the end of a friendship between these two?

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