'The Simpsons' Recap: 'The War of Art'

By May Chan,
Is a painting worth a lifetime friendship?

When Lisa sets her mind on getting a guinea pig, she goes all out in hassling Homer and Marge even as far as reaching Homer at the power plant.

Lisa claims that her biological clock is ticking in getting a pet when her parents confront her. However, Homer and Marge agree to get Lisa the guinea pig if she signs the detailed contract: Lisa agrees to take care of her pet, but if it becomes an internet sensation, the rights of the pet revert back to Homer.

After Lisa signs the unenforceable contract, her parents take her to a guinea pig rescue center outside of town in which she makes an overnight decision.

Lisa takes so long making her decision in choosing a guinea pig that her family chooses to sleep in The Dubya Hotel next door.

Before Lisa leaves the rescue with her pet, the lady there suggests that guinea pigs tend to do better in pairs, but Homer won't have it. He takes Lisa and her new pet and takes off.

As Lisa explains her new guinea pig habitat to Bart, Bart questions, “Are you sure you didn't create a perfect habitat for you?”

Lisa wishes, and Bart points out that she could now because her pet has escaped.

Lisa's pet hides within the walls and pokes through the well-known boat painting sitting atop the Simpsons' couch.

Because of the destroyed painting, a sad Marge suggests going to an art gallery to replace their art, yet the Simpsons end up at the Van Houten yard sale, where Marge falls for a piece of art with a lighthouse in it.

When Marge hangs up the painting and removes the chrome frame, she marvels at it. Lisa points out the signature on the painting and looks up interesting information on the painter.

Despite Homer's brush-off about the possible famous painting, the Simpsons take it to get it appraised. The discovery that the painting is worth more than what they purchased it for at the yard sale prompts Marge to suggest they sell the painting and split the costs with the Van Houtens.

Homer disagrees with Marge's suggestion even though Marge suggests giving the Van Houtens 25 percent of the money.

Marge finally agrees to keep the value of the painting a secret, but it's too late when Milhouse finds out about the value when he's in the treehouse.

Following a toy shopping spree to win Milhouse over, Homer and Marge still can't shut the kid up as evident when his parents show up at their door.

When Kirk and Luann Van Houten shun the Simpsons for their betrayal, they take their story to the media to paint the Simpsons as masked bandits who stole the painting.

The whole town turns against the Simpsons, but can the family withstand it for the sake of money cushion?

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