'The Simpsons' Recap: 'The Winter of His Content'

By May Chan,
Homer turns into Grandpa Simpson

Marge and Homer have a steamy make-out session as they arrive home from their date. As the couple pays off the babysitter and ignores the overdue bills and phone calls, Lisa's hollering about Grandpa getting kicked out of the elderly home finally puts a damper on the couple's romantic night.

At the retirement home, we find out that the place is in violation of several codes, for instance with the soda machine dispensing rats and the mannequin nurses coming out of the home.

So, Grandpa Simpson has to go home with the family unless, as Homer suggests, they board Grandpa at the dog kennel. How about the really nice dog kennel?

Marge gives Homer her signature disapproving groan.

However, when Grandpa's two pals from the home are left without anyone picking them up, Marge takes them in despite Homer's difference of opinion.

Over at school, as Bart and his classmates undress for gym class, Nelson reluctantly changes, but we can see why when he reveals that he wears “Naughty Lady” women's underwear. The laughter does not cease until Bart also discloses an embarrassing tidbit: he wears his father's hand-me-downs from gorillas, no less.

After the class applauds Bart defending Nelson, Nelson and Bart are as close as tighty whities, to say the least.

With Grandpa and his friends almost dying with every activity, Homer almost dies when he sees the electric bill before Marge revives him.

The negligence going around in treating Grandpa prompts Lisa to urge Homer to be nicer to Grandpa because that will be how his kids treat him when he gets old. Homer, nevertheless, makes a point to say that you don't see him acknowledging the existence of his own grandfather. Homer still has a grandfather who is still alive?

Meanwhile, Bart receives a message wrapped around a rock thrown at his bedroom window. When he slides down the drain pipe to meet the rock thrower, he is kidnapped into the night, even with Springfield's finest policemen watching them.

When Nelson and the other bullies make their identities known to Bart, they name him honorary bully and bestow him a necklace of retainers.

While Bart does not seem too keen on becoming a bully, Homer feels the opposite when Grandpa and his buddies induct Homer into the “club” after Homer gets an early breakfast with them.

Following a trip to the mall for “exercise,” Grandpa pulls Homer's pants up to make them high-waisted.

“Say something pathetic,” Grandpa encourages Homer.

“I can't,” Homer says.

“That's my boy!”

During a game of Bingo, an elderly hits on Homer in front of Grandpa, who warns his son to stay away from those women who just want a chicken dinner out of him, whatever that means.

Next thing you know, Homer is in bed with Marge with a chicken meal, yet that's not the concern Marge should have when Homer turns up the thermostat in the room because he's too cold. Marge also notices that her husband's wearing sock garters. Now that Homer's turning into Grandpa, does Marge regret her decision to push Homer to welcome his dad?

Elsewhere, Bart and the bullies prepare for the Bully Summit held at Krustyland. Chester, the leader of all bullies, has called for the meeting.

At the amusement park, all bullies are required to turn in their weapons, but Bart gets sidetracked and forgets to turn in his slingshot. When an elder, more rebellious bully gets a hold of Bart's slingshot during Chester's speech, the shot is on Bart, considering he's the only one in possession of the slingshot.

Will Bart escape the clutches of not just one, not two, but many bands of bullies?

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