'The Simpsons' Recap: 'You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee'

By May Chan,
Homer becomes a referee for the World Cup in Brazil

At the school assembly, Principal Skinner tells the student body that it's about history before the kids boo. Skinner clarifies that the assembly is on living history. The kids still boo.

When Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass actors prepare for a debate, the kids become agitated and begin heckling them.

After the disaster of an assembly in which Lincoln threw punches at the kids and Frederick tried to escape, Superintendent Chalmers yells at Skinner once more with feeling.

Because the students do not show respect, Chalmers suggests holding a speech contest on their heroes and getting Stuffwich's Sub Sandwiches to sponsor it.

Skinner dresses up as a sandwich to introduce the sandwich rep, who looks just like Jared the Subway guy.

“What makes you a hero?” Bart exclaims.

The Jared wannabe tells Bart that he didn't eat as much as he did before. Whoever wins the contest would receive a four-year scholarship.

The night of the speech Nelson starts off with his mom's boyfriend as his hero, but Nelson reveals that “Uncle Rob” was named because he robbed them.

Lisa looks at her speech report on Marie Curie and knows that she has this in the bag, but when Martin gets behind the podium to announce his heroine as Madame Curie, Lisa scurries away to cry in the hallway.

When Bart finds Lisa, he advises his sister to do her speech on their father. Despite Lisa's doubt, she sets her speech up perfectly even to the amazement of Homer.

Although a tad dramatic, Lisa wins over the crowd. However, Chalmers declares that both Lisa and Martin have tied, so the scholarship will go back to the general fund. Both kids' speeches will be posted online.

As Homer basks in the glory of heroism, it turns out that Homer's not the only one who noticed his heroism as the video of the speech went viral, so far as he is called to referee for the World Cup in Brazil.

During the plane ride there, while Marge attempts to learn Portuguese, the pilot becomes so annoyed he calls Marge disrespectful for even trying. And for that, the plane of passengers get turbulence.

At the World Cup, Homer referees the teams without a hitch, and although Homer was called for this job because of his morals, corruption soon follows with attempted bribery.

Will Homer uphold the image that Lisa has painted him at the contest, or will the old Homer take the bribery, and in turn, mess up the World Cup?

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