Singing nun impresses Italy's 'The Voice' judges (Video)

By Elaine Alluin,

All four judges of Italy’s The Voice turned their chair when soulful nun Sister Cristina Scuccia performed her blind audition on Wednesday's episode.

People reports that Sister Christina sang Alicia Key’s hit single “No One.” The clip of her performance has already hit over 3 million views.

As Sister Scuccia started singing the song, she got a standing ovation and the crowd instantly loved her powerhouse vocals. Not only were the judges impressed by her vocals, but the fact she captured the crowds attention immediately.

All of the judges turned their chairs and were completely speechless as they watched Sister Scuccia give an amazing performance of Key’s song. Sister Scuccia is a part of Sicily's Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family.

The New York Daily News added that judge J-Ax, an Italian rapper, was in awe and raved about Sister Scuccia’s performance. "If I had found you at Mass I would always be in church," said J-Ax. "You and me are like the devil and holy water."

With her performance on national television, Sister Scuccia hopes to get the attention of Pope Francis and hopes that he will call her.

Sister Scuccia is on J-Ax’s team and will be competing in the upcoming battle rounds.

image courtesy of NBC



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