Sisters reunited after being separated for 66 years

By Morgan Cox,

After not seeing each other for 66 years, sisters Karen and Anne Simpton were finally reunited in Auburn, Calif.

The LAist reported that Karen and Anne were abandoned by their parents at an orphanage, along with three other siblings, in 1948. Karen started searching online and was persistent until she found just what she was looking for. Karen found out that her sister, Anne, had also been looking for her for nearly 30 years.

Anne traveled to Karen's home in Auburn to reunite after speaking over the phone and online.

The emotional reunion was caught on camera by reporters from local television station KCRA. You can see the pure joy as Anne steps out of the vehicle and wraps her arms around Karen.

"You've grown up. You were 3 months old when I saw you," Anne said as she hugged her younger sister.

Once in contact with each other again, the sisters began talking and felt as though they had never been apart. Thankfully, they will never have to be apart again.

"I remember having a baby sister and I remember crying for her," Anne said.

Karen explained that she always wished for a sister growing up. "I always wanted a sister to dress up with, to play tea parties with. I never had one," she said.

According to Yahoo! News, Karen is now planning a reunion with her older brother. Cousins, siblings, and other relatives are also planning to attend the gathering.



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